The extra pair of eyes for the preschool teacher!

Smart Symbols offers support for self-paced learning.

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Educational technology

Pre-school classes are often overcrowded, and it is quite a challenge for the teacher to organise the class and to supervise the pre-schoolers. Extra help for them is always welcome!

Smart Symbols helps to make personalised learning possible by collecting feedback and insights on different levels. This information supports the preschool teacher in creating an offer tailored to each preschooler.

Smart Symbols helps with

Objective observation

Objective data and insights to paint a more complete picture of the toddler.

Meaningful insights

Feedback on social interaction, daily activities, observations of the pre-school teacher and evaluations.

Personalised learning

The feedback that Smart Symbols collects supports the preschool teacher in creating an offer tailored to each preschooler.

Smart planning

The preschooler platform makes it easy for the kindergarten teacher to provide a smart customised schedule.

Student input

The preschooler chooses from his personalised offer and gives feedback after each activity.

Thoughtful innovation

A customised offer ensures that each student can learn at his or her own speed. Less administrative workload is a fact with Smart Symbols. It gives the preschool teacher time to be engaged with each preschooler.

Take a look inside the dashboard

Curious about the possibilities within the Smart Symbols app? Watch the movie and be surprised by the different features.  The app is continuously updated.             

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The extra pair of eyes that the preschool teacher deserves.

Find out more about the pre-schoolers in your class. It is the information that the preschool teacher does not always see that is important. Smart Symbols helps to provide education tailored to the child.